Meet Our Founder and the Story Behind the Name “NL”

"When I was a child, I'd often carry my mat to the rooftop where nighttime scenery up there embodied serenity and curiosity from all around. I'd lay there and just stare at the constellation that appeared so vividly before the black sky. Then I'd begin my search for the gathering of cloudy lights and white streaks that danced through the compilation of stars or what is known as the "Milky Way"

However, what intrigues Mr. Poomson Rojlertjanya, the Founder of NL Development Public Company Limited, isn't just that. There is another group which he likes and admires the most; its name is "Nebula", a combination of gas, dust, and other elements in the space forming together to become large masses. Its beauty truly manifests as it moves across the sky, looking as if it's prancing to attract many eyes of the stars in the galaxy

And because of that admiration, Mr. Poomson decides to name the company "NL Development" in which the two letters, NL, derive from the word Nebula. From a childhood impression comes a greater inspiration that

"We are just small beings after all, and in reality there's much much more for us to learn. So the name NL Development is a reminder that, we are just human beings who don't know everything in this world and there's a lot out there for us to explore. The journey of learning might never have an ending to it. The time of our lives now is the time for us to cultivate, grow, and bloom. I think if we start from that point, we will never give up when we encounter any failure and neither will we be neglectedly hasty or eagerly desire for any greatness. We live in reality that we are just small beings after all." (From a special interview in Contractors' Times magazine; March - April 2005 issue)

1981 NL Development Public Co., Ltd. was established on December 3rd with a registered capital of 500,000 baht
1985 Registered capital was increased to 10,000,000 baht
1992 Received a Plaque of Honor for Outstanding Private Sector Agency from the National Housing Authority
1994 Registered capital was raised to 50,000,000 baht
1997 Registered capital was expanded to 100,000,000 baht
2004 Registered as a public company on March 22nd and increased registered capital to 250,000,000 baht
2008 Officially launch the 2nd Office, Support & Service Center, on October 3rd, total investment of 300 million baht